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July 2018
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Tag: hockey

Where Dreams Go to Die

I’m of course speaking of the city of Dallas. This is the city where JFK was assassinated, after all. We went straight to the 6th Floor Museum, which is the museum dedicated to the assassination. Its name comes from the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK while seated in the 6th floor window of […]

Texas Stars in the Calder Cup Finals!

The Texas Stars, Dallas’ farm team, defeated the Hamilton Bulldogs, Montreal’s farm team, in game 7 of the Western Conference finals last night! P. K. Subban, one of the young up-and-comers from the Bulldogs, left Montreal after they got eliminated in the NHL by the Flyers, just to come down and blow it in the […]


Nothing like being in enemy territory – especially when your side wins. The men’s Olympic hockey final between Canada and the US was intense, to say the least. We had about 25 Canadians in the restaurant with an extra table of Canadians we didn’t know. Shouts of Canadian cheers and bouts of French were flying […]

Hot Hot Ice

When I joined my team at work, the first thing I noticed was a certain coworker who had a Mike Modano background on his computer. Hockey fans in Texas? The rumours are true! Since then, Austin (well, Cedar Park) got its very own AHL team – the Texas Stars! They are the farm team for […]

Montreal vs Dallas

NHL in Texas? Yes, it’s true. A couple weekends ago I headed to Dallas on Sunday from Austin to meet up with some coworkers who were already there. It was a bit of a Canadians-at-my-company and tag-a-longs party to see the Canadiens play the Stars. The American Airlines Center was the place of the action. […]

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL‽

Back in Canada, people like football. I mean, we have the whole CFL league and all that. (Side note: It is hilarious to explain to Americans how the CFL has a bigger field, one less player, and one less down. They get all big-eyed and confused.) There are always the rumours of the NFL coming […]