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July 2018
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Tag: Australia

Australia: Goodbye

We headed back to Sydney for a couple of days to see little bruddah off on his journey. We had one last dinner down on the water at The Rocks and mentally prepped for our long flight to Dallas (longest flight in the world, they claimed). Goodbye high food prices, killer animals, and beautiful beaches. […]

Australia: Kuranda

Kuranda was our last stop before returning to Sydney once again. Located in the mountain rainforests at the back of our hotel, it is an extreme tourist trap-type location. Getting there, however, is most of the fun. One way is to take the Skyrail cable car. It is 7.5 km one way and takes about […]

Australia: Daintree National Park

The Cairns area is a sweet place because you have the ocean with the Coral Reef on one side, the jungles on other other, and the outback not too far the other way. We squeezed into an off-road vehicle with a van full of NY State college kids to head to the Daintree Jungle (turns […]

Australia: Cairns and Trinity Beach

The transition back to northern Australia was a terribly difficult one. I say that in the most sarcastic way. Leaving the near-freezing temperatures of Melbourne and going into the warmth of tropical climes – yes, please! Cairns is the ‘big’ city in the region. We spent part of one day there, but it was pretty […]

Australia: Melbourne Sites and the Little Penguins

A few spots in Melbourne of note. The Melbourne Aquarium was a good escape from the rain. There I learned the shocking truth about clown fish (i.e., Nemo). They are sequential hermaphrodites, meaning they all start as males, but if the female dies or leaves, the number one male in the group becomes a female […]

Australia: Melbourne

Melbourne was cold. Really cold. It’s easy to forget how far south you’ve gone on that train trip – and then remember that south equals colder. Turns out I didn’t have enough layering for the temperature of autumn in Melbourne, but I suffered through. It didn’t help that it rained most of the time. The […]

Australia: Sydney – Coogee Beach and on to Melbourne

Bondi Beach is the beach that most people think of when they think of Sydney, but it was recommended to us to check out Coogee Beach a little farther south. A very bumpy city bus ride from Central Station and we were there. The beach itself was really nice and there were still lots of […]

Australia: Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are just to the west of Sydney. We took a tourist day trip out there, battling the early morning rush hour traffic with our tour guide. First of all, they’re called the Blue Mountains because there is a blue haze as you approach them. The common thought is that this is caused […]

Australia: Sydney – Circular Quay, Opera House, and Taronga Zoo

Circular Quay is across the Central Business District from Darling Harbour. It’s a major transportation station with the trains and ferries (along with cruise ships) all meet at that point. Lots of tourists. And these guys mixing electronic music, guitar, and didgeridoo together: The infamous Sydney Opera House is at one end of it. We […]

Australia: Sydney – State Parliament and Botanical Gardens

Stumbling around the city, we came across the state parliament building; Sydney is, of course, the capital of New South Wales. Turns out they had just recently had an election and the next day was the opening of parliament, so the place was alive with people moving stuff. Also of note: voting is compulsory in […]