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July 2018
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Tag: Austin

Holy Flying Bats, Batman!

Under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin there are 1.5 million bats hanging out during the summer. At night, the fly out to feed – and it takes over 40 minutes for them all to leave in a massive black line of chaos. To celebrate this, Austin has Batfest, where the entire bridge is covered […]

The Kites Have It!

The Zilker Park Kite Festival happened this past Sunday. I stopped by to check it out on a gorgeous day. So many kites in all directions! Fantastic day!

“Liately brehded and friiied” – New Years in Austin!

Happy 2010! Last night I celebrated with a special someone downtown in Austin at the First Night Austin events. It’s basically some art displays, live music of various types, lots of fire, and food! It’s capped off with fireworks on Lady Bird Lake like the 4th of July. An eclectic mix – the quintessential Austin. […]

Mud, damn mud, and music

A couple of weekends ago was the infamous Austin City Limits music festival. Since I am conveniently in said city, I decided it was worth checking out. It is a three-day music festival covering eight stages on the large Zilker Park greenspace (and you may be aware of the TV show of the same name […]

Happy July 4th!

Wooooo…. Independence day! USA! USA! Austin put on a nice fireworks show over the water. I watched from the south side (after navigating a myriad of police blockades and people).

Sweet Tea and Morocco

Down here in the south, people like their ‘sweet tea’ (slightly different than iced tea – not to be confused with ‘sweat tea’). There’s this one brand based in Austin called Sweet Leaf Tea. You see them in all the convenience stores and restaurants and such. I picked up a bottle of their ‘mint and […]

Austin Sites: The Oasis

Recently I had the opportunity to try out another of the well-known Austin restaurants spots – in fact, I’ve been there twice now. This one is a restaurant called “The Oasis”. It’s out in the hill country west of Austin, right on Lake Travis. The place is very different – it’s about 6 stories tall, […]


The economy and video games. It’s a funny discussion. A lot of people believe that the video game market will flourish in the rough economy because they’re such an inexpensive source of entertainment for a family in these times ($60 for a new game that everyone can play for weeks, instead of $50 to go […]


Apparently zombies are an Austin traffic problem.

Austin Sites: The Alamo Drafthouse

I’ve decided it might be appropriate to write about some of the cool or unique places in and around Austin (or perhaps the greater Texas once I travel more). This probably will include tourist sites, unique history tidbits, art, restaurants…or whatever! First up is the Alamo Drafthouse. This is a little chain (I believe originally […]