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July 2018
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A friend’s wedding gave another excuse to fly to Hawaii! This time to the island of Maui. Maui was explained to me as more of a rural experience than Oahu. Once you leave the suburban feel of the ‘big’ city of Kahului (box stores galore!) this is quite true. We made our base of operations […]

The Emerald Isle

Another chase-the-brother adventure found us touring Ireland. An overnight flight from Toronto found in Dublin airport mid-morning there. I don’t sleep on planes, so that trip is always tough. But I made it! After the easiest possible customs/immigration process ever (I only had to endure the mocking inquiry of the customs agent as to why […]

To the Far East (of Canada)!

In my ongoing journey to visit every state and province, I found myself landing in St. John’s, Newfoundland. As soon as I got out the airport, I could smell… Canada. It’s probably the trees and the mostly rural area around the airport, but I immediately noticed it. It felt great. The grand plan: visit St. […]

A Tale of Two Cities

In search of the satisfaction of an insatiable desire for novelty, I forced my family’s hand to split our trip into two parts – one of which would be in Germany. After some Google-fu to figure out which area of Germany would be best to visit for a few days (and because I have a […]

City of Lights

Ah, the return to Paris. It had been about 5 years since I’d last been. A family vacation made a good excuse to go back. (We also couldn’t help but quote Kent Brockman, while giggling, about the destruction of the Paris on the Simpsons: “The city of lights is no more. Paris has been forever […]


Anybody still out there? I had the good fortune of visiting Hawaii for the first time! (Side note: this takes me to 6 remaining states to have visited all 50. Anyone have a good excuse to visit North Dakota?). I was able to stay with my friend and classmate from university who is conveniently getting […]

Boston Redux

I flew to Boston for Memorial Day to see some friends! I love Boston. It was actually Game 7 vs the 76ers one of the nights so, while we didn’t get tickets to the game, we did watch it right next to the arena and float through the crowd as they excited victoriously. Day trip! […]

Where Dreams Go to Die

I’m of course speaking of the city of Dallas. This is the city where JFK was assassinated, after all. We went straight to the 6th Floor Museum, which is the museum dedicated to the assassination. Its name comes from the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK while seated in the 6th floor window of […]

Australia: Goodbye

We headed back to Sydney for a couple of days to see little bruddah off on his journey. We had one last dinner down on the water at The Rocks and mentally prepped for our long flight to Dallas (longest flight in the world, they claimed). Goodbye high food prices, killer animals, and beautiful beaches. […]

Australia: Kuranda

Kuranda was our last stop before returning to Sydney once again. Located in the mountain rainforests at the back of our hotel, it is an extreme tourist trap-type location. Getting there, however, is most of the fun. One way is to take the Skyrail cable car. It is 7.5 km one way and takes about […]