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July 2018
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Android Recommendations Round 2

A few more Android app suggestions. File Manager – One thing Android doesn’t actually include is its own file manager. This one works great. Greedy Spiders – A great game where you have to cut/burn spider webs to protect your fly brethren. Movies – Uses GPS to find out where you are and show you […]

Lone Star Regional Robotics

As promised, a report on the great battle that was the Lone Star Region of FIRST robotics! My team, Team 3320 Miracles & Machines (the M & Ms for short) went to battle with other teams, mostly from Texas, in the battle explained in my previous post. Considering how poorly the team did last season, […]

San Antonio FIRST Robotics Competition

San Antonio is the home of the newest FIRST Robotics competition in Texas – the Alamo Regional (a block away from the Alamo itself). My team went to observe the festivities before our own competition in Houston a couple of weeks later. A few of the teams are competing in both. I took a few […]

Smartphones and Me

I’ve now had a smartphone coming up on 6 months. It’s actually an EVO 4G (Android OS) from Sprint. It’s huge, but powerful and pretty. Since I am currently stuck in the hotel in a Canadian blizzard, obviously the next step is a post about technology – makes sense! Props I love being able to […]

Blast Off

Over US Thanksgiving I travelled to Houston to take in the sights at NASA. Yes, Houston does have a problem (haha). The nerd side of me was pretty much enthralled once I arrived. The Johnson Space Center in Houston houses both the tourist side of things and the actual engineering and mission control facilities used […]

Facebook – “Spying for Free”

The internets have been ablaze as of late with lots of anti-Facebook rhetoric. It sounds like Zuckerberg has finally gone over the edge. All of the personal data we have up there is now being automatically passed around to the companies and things we like. The accounts are automatically linked to Digg, Yelp, and so […]

DRM or Else!

This has actually been big enough news that the big dogs like CNN have picked it up, but both Ubisoft and EA have implemented a DRM scheme now that requires you to have a constant online connection while playing a single-player game. This is true for Assassin’s Creed 2 and Silent Hunter 5 from Ubisoft, […]

Rock Band Out

I always thought Rock Band should work something like this. The boys at Penny-Arcade alerted me to the fact. Back when Guitar Hero World Tour came out, they offered the Custom Songs ability that I thought had such promise. Unfortunately, there was no vocals and they extremely hampered any sort of creative copying. The latter […]

Avatar Review – Short and Sweet

Go. See the movie. In 3D. Now. It’s ‘Pocahontas in space’, as was described to me, but is extremely immersive and well done. You won’t be disappointed. (Saw it at the IMAX at the Bob Bolluck Texas State History Museum – I will have to check that place out later).

Ars Technica and Steam

This article about sums up the problems with Steam as I described earlier. I really think the reselling thing could work. If you could set your own price and the publisher/Steam/developer got a certain percentage cut. It could even be timed to be allowed to happen after three months after release or something. The portion […]