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January 2009
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Austin Sites: The Alamo Drafthouse

I’ve decided it might be appropriate to write about some of the cool or unique places in and around Austin (or perhaps the greater Texas once I travel more). This probably will include tourist sites, unique history tidbits, art, restaurants…or whatever!

First up is the Alamo Drafthouse. This is a little chain (I believe originally started in Austin – 3 locations in the city) of movie theatres. They have a bit of unique spin on things. First of all, food is served to you by wait staff IN the movie theatre. You have a bar in front of you and you can signal to order drinks or snacks or meals and they bring it to you. It’s a nice touch.

They also take a unique approach to movie selection. They have some of the big blockbusters like you’d expect, but they also make a point of putting on a lot of old movies or have specialty nights (like horror night and such with midnight showings). You may remember my attendance at the MC Frontalot movie showing Nerdcore Rising with the man himself. That was at the Alamo Ritz downtown pictured above.

They also have special events like quote-a-longs. This is where everyone yells the quotes to some movie as it runs. Recently this was Anchorman. I’ve also heard of them having something known as Master Pancake Theatre in which you watch a movie and live comedians mock it as it runs. They even had an event where you watched all the LOTR in one go and ate a meal each time the characters ate a meal. Pretty cool.

It has a neat, home-like feel to it and is just a fun experience to have if you come to Austin.

Go watch a movie differently.

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